Dr. Clarence Tan

About Me

Futurist, technologist, academician, entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, investor, researcher, financial trader, knowledge seeker, writer but would really like to be a Chinese comedian!


Specialties: Exponential technologies and organizations, education, startups, angel investing, SMS/Text messaging applications, M-Commerce, artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks applications in finance and health, data mining.


My Mission

I would like to empower and equip people and institutions to solve the grand challenges we face in the world today and to create an exponential positive impact community (EPIC) by guiding them on how exponential technologies that are causing disruption across industries are also creating amazing opportunities to create sustainable businesses.

To seek, share and apply

knowledge to progress humanity

Massive Transformative Purposev (MTP)

Dr. Clarence Tan Has Experience Working With



Dr. Clarence Tan is a speaker at UN, World Bank and TEDx, where he shares his experience, knowledge and passion. He has also run workshops for the South Korean government on exponential technologies and organizations.

Exponential Organizations

Speech Topics

The workshop focused on MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) which is now the basis and foundation of future exponential development. The examples in the workshop reflected real life businesses that have used or are using exponential strategies to grow their businesses by increasing value.



Peter Wiltshire, Seeds of life, Gold Coast


What people say


Let us assist you


We can assist via ExO.Works to help a corporation transform themselves utilizing the Exponential Organization framework based on Salim Ismail’s Exponential Organization book.


Dr Tan is a certified ExO Consultant, Coach and Agent for Salimn’s ExO.Works. For those interested in the Exponential Organization framework, please feel free to contact us.


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